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    After investigating, studying and integrating the advantages of domestic and international middle sealing equipment, our company has created the fifth generation high-speed middle sealing machine with prominent performance through our elaborate research and development and creative processes by following the use environment in China and adopting our unique design concepts. Now the technology, sales volume and reputation of this machine stay at the leading position among our peers in the industry in China. This unit is composed of various types of machines, taking PP(PE) coated cloth or three-in-one paper-plastic woven cloth and bag paper as the basic materials. Feeding, printing, paper lining, gluing (perforating), tube forming, edge gluing, bag cutting, conveying, bag stacking and counting are continuously completed in one technological process. We can produce middle sealing composite bags, paper-plastic combination bags and PP woven cylindrical bags with edge folding, with no edge folding, with flat mouth or with self-sealing valve mouth.

    Product purpose:

    The middle sealing bag making machine is mainly used for producing middle sealing bags for cement, chemical materials, fertilizers, cereals, etc.

    Performance features:

    1. The cloth feeding machine is set at the rear end of the printing machine. When the printing is carried out till the middle seam, the distance for cutting and winding is shortened, so that the waste product rate is reduced and it is convenient to carry out cloth feeding and other operations.

    2. Unwinding machine with automatic position change at double work stations, cloth coil lifted by oil pressure, automatic tension control, cloth replacement without stopping the machine.

    3. The cloth feeding machine adopts jogging deviation correction. Before printing, middle process deviation correction is set, with high deviation correction precision (the shorter the distance is, the better the precision is).

    4. According to the need, the wide laminating type, planetary type or satellite type printing machine can be selected.

    5. The middle seam extruding machine is put on the middle seam forming stand, so that it is very convenient to carry out operation and monitoring, and space is also saved.

    6. The plastic extruding quality control system innovated by our company can monitor and display the coating volume per square meter in real time.

    7. The temperature module controls the temperature, and the touch screen displays the data acquired.

    8. The all servo shaftless driving realizes high production speed and very stable running.

    Technical parameters:

    Printing structure

    Laminating type

    Planetary type

    Maximum printing width



    Printing length



    Registering precision



    Printing color number

    4 colors

    8 colors (4 front and 4 back)

    Winding and unwinding diameter



    Printing speed



    Mechanical speed



    Main motor power


    5.5kw (totally 2 sets)

    Cutting servo motor power

    4.4kw/2.9kw (totally 2 sets)

    4.4kw/2.9kw (totally 2 sets)

    Circulating oven power



    Total power



    Net weight



    Outline dimensions



    Modular dimensions after disassembled for transportation

    3400×2500×2400mm(2 pcs)

    4400×2500×2400mm(1 pc)

    3300×1200×700 mm(1 pc)

    2200×1800×1200mm(1 pc)

    1700×1600×1800mm(1 pc)

    5000×1200×1600mm(1 pc)

    1300×1200×1200mm(1 pc)

    3400×2500×2400mm(2 pcs)

    4400×2500×2400mm(1 pc)

    3300×1200×700mm(1 pc)

    2200×1800×1200mm(1 pc)

    1700×1600×1800mm(1 pc)

    5000×1200×1600mm(1 pc)

    1300×1200×1200mm(1 pc)

    Enjoy the operation of the medium seal printing bag

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